A Big “Thank You”

Dear Moonlight Tile and Stone staff,

We want to thank you for your service and installation of our new countertops. Your assistance with our project was quick and your outstanding professional service is what every customer hopes to receive when selecting someone to come help them put in new countertops.

When we first came to you and met Rita she was so informative and reassuring that we knew we made the right choice selecting your business. She said she was so happy for us and how much she enjoyed helping people begin the process of getting their new countertops in their homes. She was gracious and mentioned she was just one of the many helpful staff that would help us. She also said she was involved with just the start of the process and seldom ever got to see the finished project in the end. So for Rita and the rest of you we wanted to share the rest of our story and send some "finished project" photos for Rita.
Soon after meeting Rita we met Mary. Mary was a real comfort when we had questions and we had a lot. We have never done anything like this and did not have a contractor/builder involved at all. It was just us and you guys. Mary was patient and gave us great advice. Most of all she was excited for us and very reassuring. She guided us through the process of selecting our granite slabs over in the Seattle area. She told us what to expect and gave very helpful suggestions for how to find just the right slabs. Walking through the warehouse in Seattle was a bit overwhelming but we knew we had Mary watching our backs. For as large of a warehouse as it was, it surprised us that they actually knew Mary and they commented on how helpful she was to them as well. I am sure Mary has seen nearly every granite slab you have had delivered to your business, but she seemed so excited when our slabs came in. She made us feel good about our choice of granite and told us how beautiful our slabs were. That made us feel good about our choices and confident that we were going to be all right.
Next we met Greg, the installation manager. This guy is an awesome ambassador for your business. He works quickly and is very knowledgeable about what he is doing. He took the time to show us how his equipment worked and even saved us from a terrible mistake. You see, we had a kitchen island with a cooktop in it. That old cooktop was to be replaced. The problem was the old cooktop was installed with a down draft venting system to exit all the smoke from cooking and the new cooktop we ordered did not have a venting system. Since we do not have a venting hood over our stove, Greg told us he was certain we needed to order a new cooktop with a down draft venting system. He even called a contractor friend to verify that it was required in our area. As a result, we reordered our cooktop and were very pleased that we did. Not being professional builders and just trying to do this on our own would have got us into a bad situation if it wasn't for Greg. We are extremely grateful that he took the time to give us his advice, as opposed to just measuring for what we had already ordered and leaving us with a real problem. Greg also has a great sense of humor, which made the whole experience of having a stranger in our home roaming from room to room measuring our old ugly countertops fun.
We never got to meet Bob, but we know he did the digital templating for us and the CNC machine. However, we did see his drawings and plans. Wow! He thought of everything, right down to how each edge would look. Between Greg and Bob there was no question our new countertops were going to fit snug. In the end, these two just nailed it! As far as getting the granite to fit our walls and spaces it could not have been closer. We were very impressed by the technical expertise this process involved and the extremely precise measuring and cutting tools they used. They planned it all with just two seams. The granite patterns were obviously well considered and in the end could not have looked better.
If you want to see a couple of very hard working people who take a great deal of pride in their work all you have to do is watch Donnie and Marco actually install your countertops. We found out that installing countertops can be a very messy business. These two made it easy to clean up and it was fun to watch them work. Marcos was so respectful to our home, being careful not to walk on carpeted areas, using the back door to avoid bringing in dusty equipment through the main part of the house, and cleaning up everything as they went. He was very respectful of our home and towards us. Donnie really knows what he is doing and will not stop until he gets it absolutely correct. From leveling, seams, final fit, and appearance I would not let anyone else but him do this for us. He mentioned he wanted it to look as nice as it would if he were installing it in his own home, and he said, “In my home I like it to be perfect and won’t stop until it is.” They were quick, but with super high expectations for their work. They got it perfect.

During the process I even met Joe, the owner. Joe, I was the nerd who asked to briefly film the CNC machine cutting someone else's stone. I was the guy who brought you one more sink to store and measure. I was the guy who said to you, “You must see so many pieces of rock they must all start looking the same to you.” In all of our encounters I don’t think you really knew who I was or what I was up to. However, you took the time, each time, to help me understand your business. You were patient and honest with me. I saw you driving a forklift, helping your staff, and talking with random strangers who bugged you with stupid questions. I also saw a guy who has his hands right in the process and someone who really cares about what he is doing. You run a great operation and have a wonderful staff. I just want to thank you for being there for a couple of folks who really did not know what they were doing.

We finished the project by doing our own tile work for our backsplashes. That was difficult but we did actually get it done. I have to say Donnie might even be proud of our work.

In the end, we feel that we really got a great deal with you guys and received a lot of help from highly skilled people.

Thank you very much,

Chet and Cindy

Pics of beautiful stone job by Moonlight!

Dearest Moonlight,

The joy in my heart is complete!

Really pleased with the work and the whole experience, you made it fun although I know I was a little flaky in the beginning of the project.

Thank you, thank you!

Joe and Stacy have an excellent team......even Mary.

Sharon & Mike

Thank you!

Hi Mary. Just a thank you to you and all the guys who worked on our project. We are thrilled. Thought you might like some pics. Sue