Caring for your countertops



We recommend a neutral cleaner specifically made for natural stone such as Simple Green Stone Cleaner. Never use abrasive cleaner such as Soft Scrub. Avoid using any harsh chemical cleaner such as 409 or Fantastic on an every day basis. Be careful with cleaners that contain alcohol, or those that dry faster than you can wipe them off. They will often cause a buildup that can make your tops look dull. Avoid chemical cleaners. Do not wax your tops.



Natural stone tops require almost no maintenance. Depending on the stone your tops may need to be resealed every 3-5 yrs. They should remain just as beautiful as the day they were installed with no upkeep. Remember it is a natural stone material, made by Mother Nature, and part of its beauty is in the realization that every piece is different, unique, and beautiful.



Your new tops are sealed after installation. We use only the highest quality impregnating sealers. These will give you years of trouble free usage. In the future, if you feel resealing is necessary, we will be happy to advise you where to obtain, and how to apply additional sealer. We can also reseal the tops for a small charge.Never apply any other type of sealer on your tops. We do recommend sealing your granite countertops every 5 years or as necessary.


Undermount sinks and backsplash are caulked after installation. Depending on the stone, the caulk can be colored or clear. Sometimes, the caulk will shrink up (especially with new construction or in cold weather).


 If this occurs, we will be happy to re-caulk the areas. If this happens, please call (509)782-2464 to schedule a repair as soon as our schedule permits.

Here are some care instruction brochures from our trusted stone experts:

Pental Care Sheet

Ceasarstone Care Sheet