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Recycled Glass
Recycled glass countertops are a beautiful and eco-friendly concrete based countertop. They are made of recycled glass with a binder of cement, additives, pigments and other recycled materials. Here is a list of recycled glass companies that we have worked with. We offer a vairety of recycled glass countertop choices for countertop needs. Here are some of the choices available:

Vetrazzo Recycled Glass

IceStone Durable Surfaces





Granite is a very dense igneous stone that is highly resistant, staining, etching and scratching. As in the case with any natural stone material, there will be variations in color and markings in each individual natural stone. They are characteristics of natural stone that give the material its uniqueness and dramatic beauty. We encourage you to take the opportunity to personally approve your natural stone slab at our facility or a slab warehouse. We also provide samples and color swatches in order to assist with your materials selection. Please note that these samples offer a general representation of the overall color and markings of each product and are not meant as an exact replication of the actual product. With polished granite and marble, any or all of the following natural characteristics may be present: Areas, especially in marble, that have been filled with a matching or contrasting color epoxy that may compromise the integrity and strength of the materials. Variations in veining, color, and movement that may be present in any natural materials. Materials that are referred to as “swirl” granites exhibit more of these types of natural occurrences. Fissures: small visible lines on the surface of the polished or honed slab which rarely indicate or affect the structural integrity of the product. Beauty marks : natural mineral deposit concentrations that can be seen as intensified spots or lines of color, lack of color, or areas with compromised polishing ability. Pitting: “pock marks” of varying size on the surface of a slab which are a result of the tightness of the material grain and the material’s ability to accept a polished finish. The presence of any of these characteristics adds to the uniqueness of your material, and in the majority of cases does not compromise the durability of your product. We are committed to using only the best-valued products for your countertops.




Quartz countertops are a man made product made of 93%-97% quartz depending on the manufactuer. They are durable, Non-porous, scratch resistant and highly resistant to stains. Due to the material’s outstanding durability, quartz can be installed in thinner forms to save weight, or in larger sections to reduce the amount of joints on a surface. Quartz slabs are easy to care for and requires little maintenance

.Chroma Quartz
Caesarstone Quartz
Hanstone Fine Quartz


Travertine stone is a form of limestone. It often forms near hot bubbly mineral rich springs. Gas bubbles become trapped and create a pitted surface on the stone. These pitted surfaces can be filled with an epoxy or dust resin. Filling the small holes and pits gives the travertine a more finished look. This is a calcareous stone. It is will react negatively to acids found in common household items such as lemons, vinegar, alcohol and some cleaning products. These acids will etch the stone by leaving marks, rings or dull spots. Travertine varies in hardness, density, and porosity. Some travertine stones are harder than others. Although the hardness varies, it will still scratch. It's not as soft as soapstone but it can't compete with the hardness of granite. You can always test a sample stone by running a sharp blade across the top or even tossing your keys on it a few times.

Marble is a recrystallized limestone that formed when the limestone softened from heat and pressure and recrystallized into marble where mineral change occurred. The main consistency is calcium and dolomite. Ranges in many colors and is usually heavily veined and shows lots of grains. It has been very popular for sculpture and building construction because of its beauty and relative softness. It is vulnerable to weathering since its calcium carbonate content is readily attacked by acid rain

Soapstone is a very soft stone made of a variety of talc. It is a dense mineral that wears well and is often resistant to oxide. Soapstone is softer and less porous than granite, so if gives your kitchen a softer, homier feel while still maintaining durability. Soapstone is very resistant to heat, so you do not need to worry about it cracking near your cook top, or a pot melting it. Soapstone is a tough material, won't break down easily and Doesn't stain easily. You will need to apply mineral oil to your stone periodically and it will darken over time. It scratches and chips easily in comparison to other countertop materials. If your counter does get scratched or chipped you can usually use mineral oil or sandpaper to run the scratch out, however, this again makes your countertops high maintenance as they will scratch.

We offer ESI 16 gauge stainless steel kitchen sinks and china vitreaus vanity sinks for our customers. Here are a few of the styles available. Please call for pricing and more details.

Edge Details
We offer custom edge detailing on your countertops, using our cutting edge equipment

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